About Us

NSL OilChem is part of the esteemed NSL Ltd group of companies, a leading industrial group in the Asia Pacific. NSL OilChem was borne out of NSL’s commitment to protect the environment.
NSL OilChem provides one-stop integrated services for oil-and-chemical management. The company specialises in both oil-and-chemical waste management and distribution of fuels, lubricants and automobile products.
How can we help you? 
The responsibility of handling toxic and hazardous materials is a big one, so is the job of keeping the environment and the people involved protected.

We know this and do whatever it takes to do our job right, every time, so that our customers can have their peace of mind.

We provide the full range of services:

Our Credentials 
We have all the mandatory licenses and approvals from Singapore’s authorities. We are licensed by the National Environment Agency.

We were awarded with ISO 14001 certificate for our effective environmental management system.

We were awarded with OHSAS 18001, SS 506 Part 3, and bizSAFE level STAR for our unwavering commitment to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our staff. We also regularly review our work procedures to ensure we deliver the best services all the time.

Where are we going?
All our efforts are geared towards one thing: creation of a sustainable environment. Through using advanced oil-and-chemical management and partnering with various stakeholders to create viable technologies and processes, we are confident of reaching as close as possible to a zero-waste environment, which is beneficial for all, our clients as well as the environment.
Benefits of effective recycling of wastes for businesses:
  • Reduces costs and improves efficiency
  • Helps meet customers’ demand for sustainable business practice


Benefits to the environment:

  • Reduces CO2 emission
  • Safeguards against the potential hazard toxic wastes pose to human health and environment when improperly treated
Corporate Profile

To be a preferred partner in creating a sustainable environment by advancing oil-and-chemical management through innovations and technology.

To provide hassle-free, safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions to value-add to our stakeholders in oil-and-chemical management.

Being honest, consistent and transparent in all dealings and relationships with our stakeholders. 
Can-do attitude in embracing change and actively seek better ideas and methods for continuous improvement.
Be mindful of the impact of our activities on the safety, health and environment of our employees and society.
Some Background about the NSL Ltd Group of Companies
NSL Ltd, which has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1964, has operations and joint ventures in 9 countries. A leading industrial group in the Asia Pacific, the NSL group has businesses in Environmental Services and Engineering, Precast & Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU), and Dry Mix.
Whistle-Blowing Policy
NSL Ltd and its subsidiaries recognise the importance of corporate governance. We believe that good corporate governance will, in the long term enhance return on capital through increased accountability.
We have in place a whistle-blowing policy and reporting process where any individual (including employees) or entity may in confidence, raise concerns about any impropriety, corrupt, fraudulent or illegal practices; any unsafe work practice or any other conduct which may cause financial or non-financial losses to NSL or its subsidiaries or damage to NSL’s or its subsidiaries’ reputation.
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