Fuel Management Services (Diesel & Fuel)

If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier for your fuels and lubricants, look no further than NSL Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd.

We are an established distributor of fuels and lubricants known for our quality service.


Authorised Distributor of Fuel

NSL Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd is an authorised distributor of fuels for:

  • Shell
  • Caltex/Chevron
  • SPC (Singapore Petroleum Company)

Shell DieselCaltex DieselChevron CaltexSPC Singapore Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel


Premier Supplier

We are a supplier of the following:

  1. Diesel (10ppm, Euro 5 compliant):
    • Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO)
    • Additized Diesel Oil
    • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)
    • Near-Sulphur Free Diesel (NSFD)
    • No. 2-D Diesel Fuel
  2. Marine Fuels:
    • Marine Diesel Oil (MDO)
    • Marine Gas Oil
    • Fuel Oil
  3. Diesel Storage Tanks:
    • Diesel Tanks (From 1,400 to 20,000 Litres)
  4. Others:






We are the diesel supplier of choice of many establishments. This is because:

  • We are an authorised distributor of diesel from the oil majors

NSL Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd. is an authorised dealer of quality diesel from the oil majors like Shell, Caltex/Chevron, and SPC (Singapore Petroleum Company).


  • We provide quality assured diesel
Whether you require Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), Near Sulphur Free Diesel (NSFD), Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO), Additized Diesel Oil, or No. 2-D Diesel Fuel, we provide quality assured diesel and our quantity is assured through high quality meters on our trucks that are regularly calibrated. 

Marine Diesel

The marine diesel provided by NSL Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd. is quality assured and accurately measured.

When you choose us as your marine diesel supplier, you enjoy a reliable and hassle-free supply of high grade marine diesel from our wharf at Tanjong Kling.  Our high-speed pump ensures a quick turnaround for your vessel.


Diesel Storage Tanks / Skid Tanks

High-volume diesel users or establishments needing a diesel storage tank at their premises or project sites will benefit from our exhaustive range of diesel storage tanks/skid tanks, available in a size range of 1,400L to 20,000L. Whatever your requirement, whether it is regarding the size of the tank or SCDF licensing requirements, feel free to give us a call for a non-obligatory discussion.


Others: AdBlue®, Gasoline, Kerosene

We also provide related products and fuels such as AdBlue®, Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), gasoline, kerosene, and others.  Please feel free to contact us should you have any petroleum or fuels related enquiries.