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Using state of the art technologies, this complex provides cost effective treatment solutions for our customers.

Your Compliance is Our Responsibility.

We take compliance seriously, and have invested in advanced technologies to treat wastewater to comply with Public Utilities Board (PUB) effluent standards.

With our robust Research & Development panel and collaborations with Nanyang Environmental And Water Resources Institute (NEWRI) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and other academic institutions, we are confident that our experienced team of business advisory and technical consultants can tailor an optimum and cost effective treatment solution for your wastewater.

Opened in July 2019, our new Industrial Wastewater Treatment Complex is an expansion of our wastewater capability and capacity and is constructed in response to our customer’s demand of treating challenging trade effluents in a more effective and efficient manner compared to traditional technologies like incineration. It is designed to treat a wide spectrum of industrial wastewater with high mineral content (TDS), high chemicals content (COD) from pharmaceutical, petrochemicals, chemical and automotive industries. Additionally, industrial wastewater with high Biological oxygen demand (BOD) from the food and beverages industry can be treated at this new facility.

NSL OilChem Waste Management’s investment in the industrial wastewater treatment capability underscores our commitment towards building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.