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NSL OilChem Waste Management Waterfront Facility

NSL OilChem Waste Management is Singapore's first and only onshore plant with our own waterfront facility that treats, recycles and disposes oily waste. 

Approved by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and listed as a MARPOL Annex I and Annex V facility, NSL OilChem Waste Management

  • Collects waste from all approved anchorages, wharves, and shipyards in Singapore and our waterfront land in the Jurong Industrial Estate.

  • De-slops or collects slop oil, bilge oil, sludge, and other oily waste

  • Collects CHT water / grey water / waste water

  • Collects and disposes garbage

Our capabilities are supported by an in-house fleet of marine slop-tankers, a custom-built sludge barge, and a comprehensive fleet of land-based vehicles.