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NSL OilChem Waste Management commits to care for our community, our people and environment.

Caring for the Community

With a strong belief in educating young minds on the importance of sustainability, the company participated in several corporate social responsibilities initiatives.

In 2017, NSL OilChem Waste Management and its employees actively reached out to the students from Hua Yi Secondary School and Yangzheng Primary School.

Some Hua Yi Secondary students visited NSL OilChem Waste Management premises, where they had a peek into working in an environmental service business, and how the business instils sustainability.

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At Yangzheng Primary School, NSL OilChem Waste Management spread the word on sustainability by giving an environmental awareness talk to some 200 Primary 5 students.

Going further to educate the community on waste minimisation, a seed planting activity was carried out for preschool children. 13 volunteers were invited as chaperones, and they partnered closely with the Primary 5 students to guide the young children.

Caring for Our People

Employees remain the core drivers of the business. At NSL OilChem Waste Management, we continue to invest in our people. Sharing sessions such as town halls and off-site meetings are conducted periodically, encouraging a two-way conversation with the employees and the management.

Employees are encouraged to upgrade themselves through training and development, to better equip themselves for their fast evolving roles. Comprehensive safety trainings and toolbox meetings are organised in order to enhance a robust safety culture where employees can come to work and return home safely to their families.

Why Us   Caring for Our People

Fostering camaraderie across the organisation, retreats and annual dinners are organised from time to time. Visit the career page for more information.

Caring for the Environment

NSL OilChem Waste Management business activities contribute to environmental sustainability.

In recent years, we have been engaged by government authorities from Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore to clean up oil spills and other disaster-recovery projects.

Year 2017: Two vessels collided off Pasir Gudang Port in Johor, Malaysia and resulted to 300 tonnes of oil spill. NSL OilChem Waste Management was engaged with other sub-contracted parties to participate in a joint surveillance of disaster-affected areas. 67 tonnes of oil-contaminated sand was collected, incinerated and disposed safely.

Why Us   Caring for Our People

Year 2015: Coastal fish farms in Changi and Lim Chu Kang lost more than 500 tonnes of fish due to a plankton bloom. NSL OilChem Waste Management was engaged, and we cleared 18 tons of dead fish over a 12-day period.